Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quiz Questions

This is where we can post quiz questions once we read the pages that we're presenting! Have fun!


chelseas said...

1. According to the history book that Winston was reading, who owned everything? C
A-Oceania, B-Air Strip One, C-capitaists, D-the Party

2. What did WInston buy from the shop where he prvoiusy pruchased the diary? D
A-an old book, B-razor blades, C-cicgarettes, D-a piece of coral

3. In Newspeak, what does ownlife mean? A
A-individualism and eccretricity, B-independent and eccretricity, C-security and individualism, D-personality and security

chelseas said...

4. What was the man's name at the shop where Winston bought the diary? C
A-O'Brien, B-Rutherford, C-Charrington, D-Jones, E-Aaronson

KatherineM said...

In the rhyme the storeowner knew, what did the bells of St. Clement's say?
A-apples and lemons B-oranges and lemons C-oranges and apples

chelseas said...

According to Winston, where does hope lie? B
A-in the Party, B-in the Proles, C-in Big Brother, D-in the children of the future

amyw said...

What is a prole? A
A- A common person not involved with the Party, B- An animal, C- A thief, D- A prominent Party member

maddief said...

1. What did Winston seek from the old man in the bar?
A- Support for a prole army B- Knowledge of his past C- A drink D- Information regarding the Party

2. What was so intriguing about the attic in the antique shop?
A- No telescreen B- Interesting antiques C- Another diary D- a coral decoration